Bharat Divyadarshan – A THRILLING JOURNEY TO HIMACHAL- Paradise Of INDIA Friends, our country INDIA,which is formed with the help of different provinces,on the map of the world, emerging wonderful in itself,This beautiful image brings glory to the world.However, every province of India is famous for its special culture, art knowledge and by language allContinue reading “Bharat Divyadarshan – A THRILLING JOURNEY TO HIMACHAL- PARADISE OF INDIA”

Sundri – The Birth of a Warrior

Sundri’s beauty was beyond imaginable and her innocence reflected a heart of gold. However, these very qualities soon became her biggest enemies. The day Nawab Dalham Khan laid eyes on her was the day her life changed forever. His obsession for her became his mission and he would stop at nothing till he obtained her.Continue reading “Sundri – The Birth of a Warrior”

Graphic Novels on #Sikh History

Guru Ram Das was the fourth Guru in a lineage of ten Sikh Gurus. He became a faithful disciple of Guru Amar Das, the third Sikh Guru, at a very young age. He served the Guru and the congregation in Goindwal with love, patience and humility for over two decades. Before Guru Amar Das leftContinue reading “Graphic Novels on #Sikh History”

Graphic Novels on #Sikh History

Guru Nanak left on his third Udasi. Near the present-day town of Sangrur, Guru Nanak saved Bhai Mardana from Kaljug. Here he also composed the shabad “Moti taa mandar oosray…”. This shabad appears in Sri Raag immediately after Japji Sahib in Guru Granth Sahib.
– Guru Nanak visited Pir Budhan Shah in Shivalik foothills and promised him that he will visit the Pir again in his sixth reincarnation.
– Guru Nanak visits 84 siddhas near Mt. Kailash in Tibet and urges them to come back and live amongst the people and guide them. He showed them the True path to salvation. The Siddhas tested Guru Nanak but failed.
– At Gurudongmar Lake in present-day Sikkim, Guru Nanak holds a congregation for many weeks. He melts part of the lake to provide fresh water to the local population.
– At Chungthang, Guru Nanak saved the people from a demon. He also blessed the land so that people could grow rice and bananas there.
– Continuing his journey in the Himalayas, Guru Nanak visited several communities in Tibet, Nepal, and Ladakh. In Ladakh, Guru Nanak helped a demon to the path of salvation. Guru Sahib trekked through Balistan, Dras, Baltal, and Pehalgam to reach Srinagar in Kashmir.
– At Mattan near Srinagar, Guru Nanak urged Pandit Brahm Das to abandon arrogance and be humble if he desires liberation. He further told him that knowledge alone does not liberate anyone. Good deeds and loving devotion to God and His True Name are of utmost importance.
– From Kashmir, Guru Nanak moved on to Jammu and then turned towards Talwandi. From Talwandi, he came to Sultanpur. Bebe Nanaki succumbed to fever. Bhai Jairam followed her after a few days. After spending a few days with his wife and sons, Guru Nanak left on his fourth and final Udasi.
– Travelling through several towns in the present-day Pakistan, Guru Nanak and Bhai Mardana reached the port of Mani. Here he boarded a ship bound for Arabia.
– They disembarked at the port of Al-Aswadh and then proceeded to Mecca. At Mecca, God worked a miracle when the Qazi tried to move Guru Nanak from his legs. The Holy Kaaba too moved with Guru Nanak sahib’s feet. Guru Nanak spent several days at Mecca and then proceeded to Medina.
– Next, he reached Baghdad and held several discourses with Pir Bahlol. Continuing his journey, Guru Nanak visited several places in Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan before turning towards Kartarpur.
– Almost every page reveals some facet of Guru Nanak’s teachings and philosophy.