#Sky Pearl – AAkash Mukta – Extreme Precious and rare Gemstones

This gem or pearl is extremely rare.Its origin lies in the clouds.On sunday and monday,Rain under the influence of the Pushya or Shravan Nakshatra this pearl proceeds towards earth from sky.It is said that even before falling on earth, this gem is subdued by Gods and goddesses.Before ages, Devas were pleased by the austerities of saints, they used to give this gem to them as a blessing or a boon.Probably this is the reason the knowledge of the existence of these gems has reached at human beings.Those who possess this gem, they get treasures many times in their lives hidden in the earth And this gem has the power to complete all his ambitions.
These gem shapes are perfectly round,A light gray blue color with yellowish tint glow.The Gem Emits Light in the same way as the light occurs in the clouds.
This miraculous gem is impossible to have with a common human being, because the person who has this gem has all the power of the world.Some people claim that they are owning this gem and always try to sell it in high prices.
So friends, just think about it, if the gem can turn the fate of any person and, why would somebody will give it to any other person?Yes, the donation of this gem can do the same, which is beyond worldly delusion, that is, any Sage, God or goddess.
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