Sundri – The Birth of a Warrior



Sundri’s beauty was beyond imaginable and her innocence reflected a heart of gold. However, these very qualities soon became her biggest enemies. The day Nawab Dalham Khan laid eyes on her was the day her life changed forever. His obsession for her became his mission and he would stop at nothing till he obtained her. Deserted by her loved ones and left to fend for herself, Sundri made a choice, no woman before her had ever made.

Times were difficult and the oppression of the Mughals was at its peak. The Sikhs were being hunted down like animals. Tormented by the Nawab and torn between compassion and deception, Sundri chose to live life on her own terms. A young coy girl, barely eighteen years of age, became a fierce and dreaded warrior. Her brother Balwant stood by her as her guide and greatest support. Yet Sundri knew that her destiny…

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